The potential of melatonin as a supplement in pregnancy

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Melatonin supplementation is a frequent recommendation for fertility preservation – well supported by research due to its antioxidant effects on preserving egg quality.

Now, evidence from international studies is focusing on the important role melatonin also plays in implantation rates, fetal health and pregnancy outcomes. It’s important to stress that we don’t have enough research yet to recommend a safe supplementation dosage for pregnancy – however, the recent research is a very interesting start!

Melatonin is produced not only by the maternal pineal gland which then passes rapidly through the placenta to the fetus, but also by trophoblasts in the placenta itself. It serves a number of important roles.

As a hormone that:

  • helps modulate maternal circadian rhythm, which can boost uterine receptivity;
  • establishes a day/night cycle for the fetus, which helps neurodevelopment, tissue differentiation and hormonal metabolism;
  • decreases the risk of gestational diabetes and glycemic disturbances;
  • can induce early active labour; and
  • promotes healthy sleep-wake cycles in breastfed babies.

As a potent anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory agent that:

  • can reduce the severity of pregnancy conditions where oxidative stress plays a role – including recurrent pregnancy loss, preeclampsia and premature delivery;
  • provides anti-oxidant support to breastfed infants

With so many potential benefits mothers and their babies, I am looking forward to follow-up studies that establish a safe and recommended dosage in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I hope you have found this helpful, and do let me know if you have any questions!

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Protecting your personal information is of utmost importance to me