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Busy Whitehorse clinic looking for 6-month locum, Mar 1 to Sept 1 2022

The Terra Life Naturopathic Clinic (TLNC) in Whitehorse, Yukon, is seeking a 6-month locum, from Mar-Sept 2022, while Dr Jocelyn is overseas with her family and away from cell-service for extended periods of time. This is an incredible opportunity to practice primary care naturopathic medicine, deepen your skills and practical experience, and build your own long-term practice base. And of course, to live and work in gorgeous Yukon!!

The locum responsibilities will include:
– relocating to Whitehorse, Yukon for the six-month period (the locum is responsible for securing their own temporary housing in the Yukon – Dr Jocelyn’s 3-bedroom home and vehicle will be available for rent for $3,000 per month, though is not part of the contract)
– commitment to availability/ability to provide a minimum 20 billable patient hours per week
– continuing care to TLNC’s 600 existing patients – including providing labs, prescribing, IVs, acupuncture, consults – at the level/depth of care they have become accustomed to
– providing care to 50 new patients on the Terra Life waitlist who will be scheduled for you in your first month (March 2022) – all new patient requests during the 6-month locum can also be added by the locum to their locum practice, depending on self-identified ability to manage caseload

You could be the right person for this position if you are:
– BC licensed ND (active practising license with the CNPBC), with prescribing, IV, and acupuncture licensing – comfortable with both conventional and integrative prescribing
– a quick learner, very organized and fantastic multi-tasker – you thrive on a challenge and are excited to bring your own professional skills and experience to the next level
– ambitious and committed to naturopathic medicine
– confident in your skills as an ND, and committed to patient-centred, evidence-based practice
– have a focus and interest in reproductive health, but also comfortable with a broad range of health concerns (the 50 new patients will range from digestion, to mental health, to menopausal health)
– confident doing blood draws and administering IV therapies
– comfortable managing a fully independent practice with online booking, square payments/Telus direct billing, clinic supply re-ordering etc – there is no receptionist or support staff and you will be the sole practitioner. Training and an office management binder will be provided – Dr Jocelyn will have very limited availability for answering questions over the 6-month period

Benefits of this position:
– unparalleled practice opportunity
– one-week training period in the first week of March, including shadowing Dr Jocelyn during clinic visits during that week
– complimentary enrolment in Dr Jocelyn’s My Healthy Pregnancy Plan CE courses in Pregnancy and Fertility (https://www.myhealthypregnancyplan.com/ce-courses-for-naturopathic-doctors/), with access to desktop guides for treatment plans/options, relevant research, lab interpretations
– mentorship via 2nd opinion consults (by email) with Dr Bobby Parmar ND for support with tricky cases (5 hours per month included in your contract – mentorship above and beyond this is available, but would come out of your monthly contract payout) – note that Dr Jocelyn will not be available for regular check-ins
– 50% contract earning for all patient visits (payment of $7000 per month if 20 billable hours per week, $11000 per month if 30 billable hours per week, etc) – no monthly minimum or maximum is established, as the number of patient visits per week will be entirely dependant on the locum’s ability to retain new and existing patients
– retain all new patients after the locum is complete (move to your own physical practice if you remain in Whitehorse, or follow-you via tele-medicine in your next practice location if you leave Yukon after the locum – labwork will still be available at Terra Life for these patients to facilitate your continued care via tele-medicine). Due to overwhelming demand, Dr Jocelyn has been unable to accept any new patients for some time, so all new patients will be directed to follow the locum after the locum is complete (staying at Terra Life will not be an option for new patients).

How to apply:
– expressions of interest will be due by email to info@terralife.ca – one page letter, one page resume – by December 17, 2021
– two professional naturopathic references
– short-list of candidates will be interviewed